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tv   Joe Gould on the Week Ahead in Congress  CSPAN  July 10, 2017 1:30pm-1:36pm EDT

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under a 1970s law that was designed for monopoly telephones. it regulates costs, rates, terms, conditions. even regulates what information can be put into a telephone book. that is not be innovative internet that we think of and we want to see flourish in the united states. so i think the fcc is on a great role. we all worry about net neutrality, the wireless industry welcomes net neutrality rules and i'm really hopeful and optimistic
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that we can see congress there. >> would you like to see a new telecom bill? is it time to revamp the fcc? >> certainly we need to think about broadband and how we want broadband to be regulated. >> what about the fcc itself? >> think of it as taking apart the congress needs to step in here. >> what are the other thoughts, we agree that net neutrality and open and free internet but what are the elements that would make up a sustainable set of net neutrality rules? the three rules of no blocking, no throttling, no great pay prioritization. what about the standard which fcc has made is a call to police, what specifically would make it up? >> there's no blocking, no throttling and transparency, we ought to look at pay prioritization because i do think all entrepreneurs, we should talk about this. all entrepreneurs should be able to have access if they wanted but we are starting to talk about automated cars and automated health monitoring,
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i think probably were going to want to wait for some sort of priority quality of service so we're talking about future services and we all want entrepreneurs to be able to develop whatever they want but i do think that we will want some sort of quality services. >> meredith atwell baker, what about the recent announcement that president trump is re-nominating him to serve on the fcc? >> she is a fantastically qualified candidate and we will be thrilled to see her back on the fcc and i have a compliment of fcc commissioners, it's important for their role as we move forward that they have so much work to do that i'm thrilled to see jessica be nominated. she's smart, she's qualified and she is a terrific public servant. >> she's also a big advocate for making more spectrum available but she's also very interested in making sure
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that unlicensed spectrum is available for wi-fi and other uses. what do you expect out of her policy on spectrum? >> you want the same thing we all want which is as far as spectrum goes, we need more licensed spectrums, we need more unlicensed spectrum and we probably need more shared spectrum future work, were going to need all of it so their knowledgeable and great advocates for that as well as the rest of the commission. we have a knowledgeable and great group of commissioners there. >> go ahead, margaret. >> thank you. how do you think, i'm curious how you think the trump administration is doing so far on spectrum issues, specifically i'm thinking david is on track to leave the nci a but the commission is not fully yet so do you think this has delayed in getting people and he places and hurting spectrum priorities? >> i think part of the new administration is putting
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good people in place and as one of the first appointees, chairman high has been an outstanding advocate for diverse city, for rules for america. he's taking a real rate look at the industry as a whole so i compliment him for that. david revel is a greatnominee and an tia, having worked there is one of the most important government agencies that we have. we have , david knows spectrum and he can shape our future, i think he gets it and he will find the roadmap for spectrum and for infrastructure for the future of america's ig success. >> in the trump administration has also developed nascent american tech counsel, what do you think about that? >> it's always good to have more people looking at what policies we can do to incentivize investment in this area and to grow it and it's such an important part of the economy. i think of it as the future
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part of the economy of which everything runs upon. >> when you go out to silicon valley, do you have to explain washington to them and vice versa? >> that's an important role of what an association does, of course. i think of course that's not what they do, they invest and they forget that as washington is created, sometimes it can take away so it's an important message for the two of us work together. >> meredith atwell baker is the ceo of ctia, the wireless association and margaret harding mcgill covers technology for politico, thank you both. >>. [inaudible conversation] >> a failed to in turkey last july, the panel ahead looks at security and foreign policy since the coup attempts. speakers looked at the reasons behind the action and


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